I remember going to my first conference EVER. I remember it like it was yesterday. It was really truly a defining moment in my life. It was the start of a journey in my life that I never thought I would take. It was at that moment when a dream of being an entrepreneur really truly started. I was never sure about how I was going to do it or how I was going to "make it" in my life when it seemed like there were so many others around me who I was "competing with". BUT I knew I had a message inside that I wanted to share. This start of my journey is what I owe much of my success to.

You have to remember, I am a simple kid from the city of Duluth Minnesota. I wasn't born into a family of successful entrepreneurs or related to any big time business owners. I came from an average family with an average lifestyle and a very small start. I never had that much and what I did have I had to work for. My family never taught me what it means to be a thought leader, an author or what success actually looks like to begin with.

In spite of the small start, I lived pretty good! My parents encouraged me and pushed me to succeed in my studies as a homeschooler. They later encouraged me to go to college. So I did! I went to Lake Superior College doing 2 years of Post Secondary Education, I worked hard and I got good grades and I got the good degree as they recommended. A few months later I was hired by a consulting company and I quickly found out that I HATED working the corporate world. I quickly found out that in order to "rise to the top" or "climb the corporate ladder" often ended in emptiness and pride and that I did NOT like the person that I had change into in order to achieve that type of success.

But I had this dream inside of me that was still there from that first conference and I remember hearing Brendon Burchard say "No matter how small you start, start something that matters."

So I did!

    I started out just like every other entrepreneur out there, scared, afraid and nervous with absolutely no idea what I was doing or what to expect.

I had no previous training on moving ideas, insights, strategies and principles of success. I sort of stumbled upon the personal development and success world of sorts. I had never received any previous training or background in the endeavor that I took on. I had to grow up and stand up for myself. And what I have found is that through trying, failing, yes failing and then adjusting with guidance then repeating is where success truly exists.

I was honestly a little frustrated along the way because It wasn’t what came "natural" to me but I learned that nothing that super successful people were doing was natural to them when they started either so I figured… Heck! Ill keep going because I know what I am after! I knew that I had to go against the grain of the way that I was brought up, discarding the old ideas of what and how things were supposed to be. I had to wipe my mental slate clean.

I was addicted to finding these success principles and applying them into my life because I knew that if I could find them, my life would be so much better then it was.

Along the way I failed a TON. Not a lot of people supported me, in fact many of my friends never wanted anything to do with me when I started. I was told that failure is the only way you learn and grow. I kept failing and falling and learning and growing. There was a lot of changing of my self-image and many bruises on my pride and ego. But I kept getting back up to run at it again. I improved, I grew, I got better and I figured out how to win.

     Through these different avenues I have had the opportunity to associate with and spend one-on-one time with some the most successful 7-figure, full time entrepreneurs and leaders, soaking up and studying what they know. I have traveled all over the Midwest going from city to city and conference to conference. I have spent a very large amount of time studying, collecting and curating many of the best ideas and principles of some of the most successful people today and implementing them into my life.

This journey and this earned access to high levels of success has given me a voice, a platform and a position on which I can now give you distilled thoughts, insights, experiences and techniques to not only dramatically and significantly accelerate your success and growth, but to also be a valuable guide for you on your path to higher levels of achievement.

My mission now is to inspire and instruct others on how to improve their lives and achieve their goals. To help leaders and high achievers strive for excellence, make a bigger impact and live the lives they are meant to live. To be a guide for those who want to be more, go farther and achieve more then average and the mediocre.

To teach others how to LIVE FULL, STRONG lives! To INSPIRE them do more and to NEVER QUIT on their dreams and goals, no matter how difficult it may seem.